Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding weekend

One of my favorite photos of K was taken upstairs at the chapel waiting for the wedding to start. She and her cousins were pretending to do ballet in their slippers and flower girl dresses.

This slightly blurry shot of Izzy showed the sweetest expression on her face, so I decided to post it.
I probably should have cropped this one so you didn't get Alice's blurry arm in the foreground, but she was excitedly showing me the different colors of flower petals the girls would drop as they walked up the aisle. They took their job very seriously.

Erin made fabulous mustache cufflinks for all the men in the wedding party. They were awesome!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Star Wars Birthday Party

Kaylee's friend had a birthday party with a Star Wars theme. It was awesome.
I wish I had taken pictures of the invitations. They were based on the opening title sequence from the original Star Wars. Kaylee and friends were invited to attend Jedi Training.
Foam pool toys were lightsabers. 
Padawans trained with their light sabers by popping bubbles . . .

. . . so they could later defeat Darth Vader (as a piƱata) in battle.
The best thing I didn't get a picture of was a classic. They had the Padawans use their Jedi mind powers to open the garage door. The kiddos concentrated sooooo hard that I'm convinced they actually did use the Force. I applaud Mom and Dad (aka Darth Mom and Daddy Wan Kenobi) for the awesome effort. It really was a blast. (And not just for me, but for the kiddos too.)