Friday, November 30, 2007


OK - we're still in Illinois, so you'll have to wait a little longer for pictures, but I'd be a horrible person (quiet Maggie) if I waited until we got home to post anything about the kid's birthday.

I don't know what is more amazing, the fact that I made it through the first year – or the fact that Kaylee did. And with limited emotional trauma. (Though I am sure that reading this blog in the future will be grounds for many, many hours of therapy.)

So one year ago today at this time Rae was going through contractions and I was blogging. I have to say that I much prefer this year. Rae is chasing the kid around Maggie's apartment – and I'm blogging. But this time I have a good cup of coffee and a fresh cinnamon roll.

We're having Kaylee's second first birthday party this evening. Red velvet cake with whipped cream icing, a Christmas tree and an alleged Guitar Hero butt whupin'. Feel free to join us a round of Happy Birthday sometime around 6 pm. I'd say we'll save you a piece of cake – but I'd be lying.

Some photos and maybe a video (if you're good) tomorrow.

Kaylee today: One.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Patience is a virtue

I managed to find an internet connection in southern Illinois (Central. Southern. It's all south of Chicago.) and figured I'd drop an update. You'll have to wait for pictures - but this is a start.

Saturday: Got to the airport two hours early for our 6:30 am flight - and they still managed to leave Kaylee's car seat in Tucson. Rae was thrilled. Met Aunt Maggie. Kaylee played. I got hooked on Sports Night.

Sunday: Kaylee wakes up at 6 am. We have cinnamon rolls. We drive up and down the same road five times before we find a White Castle. Kaylee likes Sliders. But she likes chocolate shakes more. Quick trip down to Northwest Indiana to meet up with a bunch of friends / former co-workers. Many with kids. (Including Eli - see the links.) Very surreal, but very fun.

Monday: Kaylee wakes up at 6 am. We go out to breakfast with our hosts. I eat an omelet the size of my head. Kaylee throws a lot of food on the floor. On the four hour drive to Jacksonville Kaylee sleeps for about 45 minutes. She screams for the rest. Kaylee cautiously eyes the family - won't go to Grandpa Charlie.

Tuesday: Kaylee wakes up at 5:30 am - not an improvement. Lunch with Erika in Springfield where the kid gets a baby and a baseball bat for her birthday. Not really sure what Erika is trying to say. Kaylee now OK with Uncle James - but will only go to Dad when she's half asleep. Won't even look at Uncle Chunk.

Wednesday: Kaylee wakes up at 5 am - not liking where this is going. Cousin Alice shows up today. K&A enjoy the rug rat company, but mostly just compete for attention. Dad's new lady friend's family comes over for chili and Uno. All goes well. Kaylee likes all of them - still won't go see Grandpa.

Thursday: Up at 5:30 again. (Can't wait until we get back home and on a real schedule.) Long drive up to Melvin for Thanksgiving dinner with (take a deep breath and wait for it) my dad's sister's husband's sister and her family. (Oh, and Kaylee's Great Grandma Rice) Lots of food, lots of fun. Kaylee likes turkey, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes - but not beef heart. Weird kid. Kaylee loves on everyone - except Grandpa Charlie.

Friday: Kaylee up at 4 am. (God help me.) She finishes up the morning in bed with us. We say our good-byes and hit the road. (Still not too fond of Grandpa.) Arrive at Grandma Della's lake house that afternoon. Kaylee passes out early - we decide to stay up until almost 11 chatting.

Saturday: Kaylee up at 6:30 this morning and I'm very excited. Until I learn that Della just hasn't changed the clock in our room and it's really 5:30 am. Hurray. All the important people show up a couple hours later for the birthday party. (Except Maggie who gets a free pass due to car problems.) There was a monkey cake for the kid (which she just wasn't sure what to do with) and a banana cake for the rest of us (which we had no problems with).

Sunday: Kaylee up at 4 am again. I spend about 40 minutes with her in a rocking chair before giving up and bringing her to bed. We hang out for a bit before heading to Vandalia to see Grammy, Papa Allen and Uncle BJ. Kaylee runs around the house getting in to everything and visiting with everyone (including a couple of strangers) except for Grammy. Hopefully she can avoid the Grandpa Charlie curse.

More later.

Kaylee today: Pleasant.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Preview from the road

Vacation is great so far. I don't have much time to post - besides, most of you are here. But I got this video link earlier and it was too good not to share.

It's from Kaylee's first trip to White Castle (which she loves) - but the sliders aren't the only thing you have to watch out for ...

Kaylee today: Crabby.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No time to post.

Getting ready for vacation.

Then leaving for vacation.

Then being on vacation.

Will have LOTS to post after vacation.

See many of you soon.

Kaylee today: Dreaming.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baby needs a drink

So it was another day of firsts today. One of our favorite bars started something new last month. On the second Sunday of each month they have "Baby Club Congress" – which is a three hour shindig where the kids can play and the parents can talk it up.

Oh – and there's beer. (For me – not the kid.)

So this was Kaylee's first bar experience. (First number one.) The concrete floor I'm used to had been covered with carpet, toys and children. Lots of children. I grabbed a Pacifico with lime, Rae had a water with lemon and Kaylee had an animal cracker.

The music was loud (but not too loud) and pretty 70s-centric. Lots of disco - but not the bad disco you hear at every wedding (even ours despite us threatening the DJ with physical harm). Though they did play "The Hustle" – which I helped Kaylee dance to. (First number two.)

There was a fashion show – where we found the outfit I'm pretty sure Kaylee will be wearing to her first birthday party. We won a door prize. (A spa trip and facial – which I had to accept since Rae was off changing a diaper. Fabulous.) And I was happy there were more hot moms around (in *addition* to Rae, of course) – though it was weird to hear them all talking about breast-feeding and bowel movements.

On the way out we stopped and listened to a rockin' jug band (yes, I realize that is an oxymoron) for a while. (First number three.) And then hit the petting zoo – where Kaylee liked the pony, but loved the pygmy goat enough to give him a hug and a kiss. (First number four.)

And of course, I left the camera at home. I guess there's always next month.

Kaylee today: Bar-hoppin'.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

266 photos of nothing

I know what you're asking yourself.

"Self? (You call yourself "self?" Really? That's odd.) Mike's alone with Kaylee this weekend. How did he ever find the time to put together another video?"

Simple. I just chose not to do the dishes.

That's what we call prioritizing.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Well, that wasn't so bad

She was bouncing up and down happy to see me when I picked her up from daycare.

We got home, weplayed, we ate, she pooped, we played, we got a bottle, she slept.

Went to bed fairly easily – though she's woken herself up twice already. Only had to give her back the bink to put her back down though.

But let's see how the morning goes. Don't want to jinx this.

Kaylee today: Bottled.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Single dad

By this time tomorrow Rae will be on a business trip in Kansas City.

And I'll be here with Kaylee.

What do you think the odds of me developing the ability to lactate by then?

Yeah. Thought not. Here's hoping that we can get by with the bottle.

Cross your fingers for us.

Kaylee tomorrow: Missing Mom.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dia de los Muertos

Kaylee hangs out with a couple of (sorta) familiar faces downtown.

Tonight was the annual All Souls Day procession downtown. This is one of those events that makes me happy to live where we do. There's just so much energy and culture – it's something that has to be seen to be believed. (More info available here if you're not familiar with the tradition.)

So we decided to take Kaylee. I don't know that she loved it – but she sure was taking it all in. Slack-jawed and wide-eyed. She spent a good portion of the walk "singing" along with the drummers, chanters and other interesting people. She even got to pass through her first cloud of marijuana smoke (though we'll just tell the grandparents it was sage) ... welcome to Tucson kid.

Photos just weren't enough this year. So I'm bringing you the sights and sounds of Tucson via YouTube. Maybe you'll join us next year?

Kaylee today: Plumtuckeredout.

Clean sweep

Kaylee decided to "help" Rae with the housework.
Sweeping the floor never took longer.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

More video fun

I was bored.

Luckily I have a toddler and a camera just in case that happens.

If you keep your eyes open you just might see a little bit of walking.