Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baby needs a drink

So it was another day of firsts today. One of our favorite bars started something new last month. On the second Sunday of each month they have "Baby Club Congress" – which is a three hour shindig where the kids can play and the parents can talk it up.

Oh – and there's beer. (For me – not the kid.)

So this was Kaylee's first bar experience. (First number one.) The concrete floor I'm used to had been covered with carpet, toys and children. Lots of children. I grabbed a Pacifico with lime, Rae had a water with lemon and Kaylee had an animal cracker.

The music was loud (but not too loud) and pretty 70s-centric. Lots of disco - but not the bad disco you hear at every wedding (even ours despite us threatening the DJ with physical harm). Though they did play "The Hustle" – which I helped Kaylee dance to. (First number two.)

There was a fashion show – where we found the outfit I'm pretty sure Kaylee will be wearing to her first birthday party. We won a door prize. (A spa trip and facial – which I had to accept since Rae was off changing a diaper. Fabulous.) And I was happy there were more hot moms around (in *addition* to Rae, of course) – though it was weird to hear them all talking about breast-feeding and bowel movements.

On the way out we stopped and listened to a rockin' jug band (yes, I realize that is an oxymoron) for a while. (First number three.) And then hit the petting zoo – where Kaylee liked the pony, but loved the pygmy goat enough to give him a hug and a kiss. (First number four.)

And of course, I left the camera at home. I guess there's always next month.

Kaylee today: Bar-hoppin'.

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maggie said...

Personally, i'm partial to baby Nubian goats. They will chew on your ears if you let them. Very cute and soft. Until they poop on you.