Friday, March 23, 2007

It's all happening at the zoo ...

Rae's favorite sister is visiting – no not that favorite sister, the other one – and she brought little Bailey along with her. (And she's not so little anymore. Quite the opposite in fact.) So what do you do with two kids in tow? You do what every other parent does – go to the zoo.

Kaylee's bib wasn't an advertisement, despite what some of the carnivores may have thought. (And yes, I know the albino peacock in the background posed no real threat.)

But these jaguars? And see the sign? It's to prevent people from getting confused by bibs exactly like Kaylee's. (I heard that happened in London once. Except it was a rather snotty eight-year-old.)

At not even four-months-old, much of the wonder and magic of the zoo was lost on Kaylee. She's not really checking out the rhino – we just caught her the one time her head was turned.

Bailey wasn't too impressed with the zoo either.
She totally ignored the brand new baby zeebra …

And the giraffes …

But anything with wings was pretty damn cool.

(Extra specially for Aunt Maggie)


Jonathon Berlin said...

We went to the zoo too this weekend ... but at the SF Zoo: No elephants, no zebras, no giraffes, no anaconda ... what the heck?


maggie said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had a great time. I love that Kaylee's learning the wonder and majesty that is the llama. Now, everything is right with my world. Love you guys!