Friday, January 09, 2009

Parenting tip #134

If your child is eating yogurt – and sneezes – do not wipe the yogurt off her pants and lick it off of your fingers. It might not be yogurt.


Charlie and Cindy said...


You are soooo lucky they love you. After the twitter remark credited to Rae, you're also lucky you're still alive.

monkeyhouse said...

So what happens if I also credit THIS quote to Rae?

(Cause I'm smart enough not to eat snot off my daughter's pants.)

maggie said...

I'm pretty sure that every time he attributes a quote to Racheal, he's actually quoting himself.

Just a theory, but I think it holds water.

monkeyhouse said...

Rae also says: "Mike is the King of Awesome!"

maggie said...

Yes, but Rae actually said "Maggie is just superfly."

So ... ya gotta take the good with the bad.

And in a fit of missing you, I will admit ... you are the King of Awesome.