Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Princess and the Pee

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Princess Kaylee had never quite embraced the idea of Halloween. The year she dressed as a bee she screamed so loud her father the King and her mother the Queen never left the castle. The year she dressed as Spider-Man her royal parents took her to the kingdom of Lame (otherwise known as the City of Tucson's Safe Trick or Treat at TEP).
But unlike years past, Princess Kaylee was very excited about the concept of Trick or Treating this year. (That either had something to do with her recent discovery of candy or her lack of an bug-inspired costume.) The idea of traveling the land to show off her pretty dress AND get candy in the process appealed to her vanity and her sweet tooth. So her father the King and her mother the Queen were looking forward to a trouble-free evening as they packed up their princess and drove over to a friend's kingdom. (Because everyone knows that TWO princesses means TWICE the candy.)
But in a fairy tale, nothing ever goes right the first time.
Now it is not clear if she was so excited about the evening that she just forgot to powder her royal nose — or if the extra large dress was just too much for her to handle in the royal bathroom — but in the end, there was a royal mess.
And a wet floor.
And wet shoes.
Oh yeah, and a wet dress.
The kings and queens were overjoyed.
Luckily, princess had the power of not one, but two queens on hand. (Not to mention the vast wardrobe of a girl of similar size available.) The floor was cleaned, shoes were swapped out and the dress was hand-washed and blown dry in under twenty minutes.
Soon the two princesses and their mothers the queens were off to the kingdom of Sam Hughes to ravish the countryside with cuteness — while the kings stayed at the castle to terrify young visitors, eat candy and play Xbox.
And they all lived happily ever after.


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maggie said...

So funny, love the picture ... MAN, I miss you guys!