Saturday, January 09, 2010

Eight tenths of a mile

That's how far Kaylee is willing to walk on her own. (As long as we're not at the mall. Then it's only about 15 feet.)

We took Kaylee out to Saguaro National Park and hit the trails. She was a trooper – up and down hills, around cactus, through the wash and all the time out front. (She was the leader after all.)

She was careful not to get cactus stickers in her butt – and was on the constant lookout for snakes. She managed to avoid both – but I got cholla-ed.

The poor thing finally tired out when the car was just over the next ridge. But that just gave her an excuse to finish up the trek on my shoulders.

And I didn't mind.

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Becky said...

gosh i just love this pic. love, love, LOVE it!

glad to see you posting. i miss your little stories.