Saturday, February 13, 2010

I've been lazy

Because my sister is making me look bad (what with her blog post a day and all) I decided to break out the editing software and put a little something together. It's not much, but the source material is cute.
Rae shot it, so you can't blame me for the orientation. Maybe if you rotate your monitor on it's side?
In other news
  • Kaylee's class was visited by a special teacher who taught them all about their hearts. Kaylee even got to "listen to her heart beeping in her skeleton cage."
  • Kaylee had her first Valentines Day party at school. She hand-made cards for the entire class. Every other parent took the easy way out and bought valentines. LAME.
  • Kaylee is VERY interested in her valentines. Especially those from the boys. I try to tell myself that it is because they have Wolverine, Spider-Man and the like on them – but I know better.
  • The kid is going through a bit of a regression in her verbal skills. Instead of speaking in the complete sentences we're used to, she has reverted to grunts, squeals and general "baby talk." I know it's just a phase (and probably something she picked up from the kids at school) but it is annoying the hell out of me.
  • Kaylee is also regressing when it comes to going accident-free all night. But apparently she's decided that she'd prefer to share the love – and climb in bed with us to do the deed. Makes for an interesting 4 am wake-up-call.
  • We're off to an engagement party tomorrow night. One of Kay's favorite teachers is getting married in a traditional Muslim ceremony and invited a couple of her favorite kids to the celebration that evening. Kay is very excited (especially since her BFF Sara is coming too) and I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures to follow.


Becky said...

Or just watch it on your iPhone. You can't rotate the video when you edit it? It's been a while since I edited a video so I don't remember.

Kaylee certainly makes a good grandma! I too tend to think that grandmas always have to wear glasses, always.

Love you guys, miss you.

maggie said...

Auntie's note: Your kid looks cute all the time. I miss her sweet voice; thanks for the video!