Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking Care of Her Friends

So for about a week now we've been talking to Kaylee about how she's going to start a new school soon. We've talked about what she's going to do there, and somehow she's decided that learning about dinosaurs means she'll be hunting for them as if they were alive. That puts this new school at the top of her cool-but-a-little-bit-scary list, which is an apt description of how I'm feeling about the whole situation.
Today Kaylee told me something that made me want to cry and smile at the same time (I opted for smiling a big grin). We're on our way home from daycare and she's telling me about her day. Some days she wants to talk, other days she doesn't. Today was somewhere in between. Sort of out of the blue she asks if she can visit her friend Cleia after she goes to her new school. (Cleia and she have become quite attached to each other.) Then she tells me that Cleia is going to miss her soo soo much when she goes to her new school. She tells me that she asked Dominic if he would be Cleia's friend while she was gone and he said "Yes!" Her eyes were a little sad (or maybe it was the allergies) but her smile was so big.
I told her I was so happy she was making sure her friend had someone to play with after she was at her new school. My baby's growing up... (I get the feeling I'm going to be saying that a lot.)

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maggie said...

Wow. What a beautiful moment! Thank you for sharing with us those glimpses of who your daughter is going to become. She's already amazing ... I can't imagine what all her tomorrows will bring, but I'm excited to be part of them.