Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I need a shotgun

SCENE: A Tucson rooftop. Fireworks burst in the distance over a small mountain. A crowd of friends and friends of friends have gathered to overeat, drink beer and watch stuff explode.
KAYLEE: Daddy, I want to go sit next to that boy.
DAD: Oh, Christ.
She runs over to ETHAN and sits down next to him. She begins to talk to him only to see him run away and seek shelter next to his PARENTS. Undeterred, KAYLEE pursues him.
ETHAN: Mommy, I don't want to sit next to that girl!
KAYLEE: But Ethan! Look at me. I have brown hair just like you!
ETHAN does his best to ignore the girl. Kaylee begins flipping her hair and shaking her head.
KAYLEE: And look what I can do. I do this with my hair sometimes.
DAD: Kaylee, we don't flip our hair at boys.
PARENTS: Oh yes she does!
DAD begins to sob quietly as the mountain begins to burn in the distance.


maggie said...

Just a little glimpse into your future, right?

Erinn said...

i love it! :)

Papa Allen said...

If you're lookin' fer a "Formal Shotgun", just give me a little notice and I'll paint one white fer ya...

mike rice said...

Allen - the whole point of me buying a gun would be to avoid the need for a "formal shotgun."