Friday, April 29, 2011

Eat your oatmeal

Daddy, are you OK?
I'm starting my day with a migraine, honey.
What's a minegram?
A migraine is a very bad headache. Daddy gets them when he gets stressed out.
Eat your oatmeal.

Several minutes of eating - and being reminded to eat - go by.

Hey, if you hurry up and eat, I can show you something special this morning?


Well, there is a wedding this morning. A girl is marrying a prince - so she becomes a real princess!



Just like Uncle Ry and Erinn?

Well, not quite. But close.

Are they on TV?

Yes. They live in another country.

See? Just like Uncle Ry is in another country!

Eat your oatmeal.

Several more minutes go by with various levels of eating productivity.

Maybe we should go to the Chinese place.

The Chinese place?


What Chinese place?

The Chinese place next to the Target.

Oh, the Pei Wei restaurant?


Why should we go there?

Because they have soup.

Why do we need soup?

To make you feel better.

Maybe we should. Eat your oatmeal.

1 comment:

Maggie Bieritz said...

Ya know what? I think you know that your child is amazing and kind when she's more concerned with her dad feeling better than watching a girl become a princess on television. I'm a little misty-eyed here ... my cold, black, loveless heart grew three sizes today.