Friday, May 27, 2011

Disney, day 1

We made it.
The hotel in PHX was a bit on the sketchy side. Didn't sleep all night. The free continental breakfast was one of the worst we've had.
But we got to the plane. And we got to Florida. And the hotel is freaking amazing. (Even if there is no wifi.)
We have three bedrooms, a full kitchen and a 10th floor balcony view of the parks. (Perfect for viewing fireworks. With a cold beer.)
Dinner was also amazing. Great wine, shrimp the size of a baby's arm, 3-inch thick steaks and, of course, good friends.
Tomorrow we unleash the unsuspecting girls on the Magic Kingdom. I don't think Uncle Walt is ready for us.

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Grandpa Charlie said...

We'll be there for dinner tomorrow. (Tonight would be a stretch.)