Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big questions little girl

Mom: So what other question do you want to ask tonight?
Kaylee: Mom, is heaven in the clouds?
Some people describe it as being in the clouds.
Sara says it's in the clouds.
It's not some place you can see or go visit on an airplane. It's where God lives but kind of an imaginary place too.
Then how do you get there?
Well, some people think you go there when you die.
Why do they think that?
They like the idea of going someplace special where they can be with all the people they love after they die.
When I die I think I'd like to visit God and see what it's like there.


maggie said...

Awwww ... love that girl.

And her parents.

Grandpa Charlie said...

Grandpa Charlie loves what you do with that girl