Sunday, October 09, 2011

Illinois trip – Photo dump

There are a severe lack of photos from the second half of our trip – because I was too lazy to take out my camera at that point. Besides, Becky took a bunch of pictures. I'm sure she will update her blog any day now.
Yep. Any. Day. Now.
Apple picking and pumpkin patching with the Grammy and the Evrley girls. I think she's excited.

Nothing special, still waiting in line. I just liked this one.

In the cart and on our way to the orchard. I included this one because Roberta did a really good job of avoiding my camera. And in most of the other shots I have of her she either has her mouth full of apples or her eyes closed. Or both.

I don't think anyone picked apples off the trees. We were content with those on the ground.

Because they were delicious. (And make great pies. Even if the crust isn't home-made.)

I caught mom without her smile on.

All smiles on the wagon.

But here's how they normally look.

Kaylee takes a ride on my favorite swing. Duncan Park is one of my favorite places in the world. Close enough to home that Mom let me walk there by myself. Far enough away that it still felt like an adventure.

Nothing says Duncan Park quite like the cannon.

I'm pretty sure this slide is solid enough that she'll be able to let her kids sit up there.

More silly faces with my girls – and I try out "Blue Steel." (Izzy's not included because she was napping – and because she wouldn't come near me all week. I think she's scared of the beard.)

Racheal caught my superior parenting style on camera. Being Dad of the Year is a lot of hard work.

This trip marked both Kaylee's and my first visit to the cemetery since Mom died. It took Kaylee asking to visit to get me to go back out there.

Hammerhang Lincoln.

I found this on the stairs going into the basement. I remember "Mark 1968" etching his place in history in the brick wall opposite this. Sometime around high school I decided to do the same. Not sure who left the annotation though.


~J said...

I was smiling away looking through the photos...until your beard, I gasped, and Kaylee stopping to visit Grandma Susie, I cried. You are always so good at getting a range of emotions from this family member! Thanks for sharing, as always. Love you all.

mike rice said...

Love my beard.

Becky said...

Yeah that's definitely my handwriting. The circle on the exclimation point leads me to believe I wrote that circa 1996 or so.

Alice has been out the the cemetery before, but it took Kaylee being there for her to actually ask questions about it. Or maybe it's just the age.

As for Duncan park, I hope they never tear that slide and those swings down. It is so hard to find a good playground like that now a days. Best. Park. Ever.

Miss you guys. I'm glad we were able to make the trip down. Maybe someday I will indeed update the blog...just don't hold your breath. ;)