Saturday, December 24, 2011

I got a rock

Kaylee chose her gift from GG to open on Christmas Eve.
For months, ever since she saw one at school, she's been talking about geodes and how cool these "rocks with crystals inside" are. Well, GG heard about this and decided to share part of Grandpa Rice's rock collection with her.
As you can see, she was thrilled to receive it – and I was thrilled that something that meant so much to GG is going to be a gift she cherishes for years to come.
Or at least until she sees that doll house Santa is dropping off tonight.
More to come tomorrow I am sure. But for now – Merry Christmas to all.


~J said...

My K feels the same - we have to stop and oogle this at evey store we see them in! Glad to hear your K loves them too, how awesome that she has a special one from GG. I am sure she will trasure it always. Muc love,

maggie said...

That's beautiful. Your girl has the sweetest heart.

Anonymous said...

It was great that you could share this with GG.