Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Back at the Doctor of Babies

Monday was Kaylee's 15-month checkup and I got the pleasure of flying solo with her at the doctor's office. No big deal, I take her places all the time. So I got out of work a bit early, headed over to day care and drove her in.

All is good. We're signing her in. We're playing with those tables with the beads on wires all over them. We're looking at fish.

Then we go to change her diaper. And all hell breaks loose.

It seems that she remembers the Doctor of Babies' office. And she remembers that when she gets naked – she gets a huge needle crammed in her leg.

So I fought with her and her diaper for five minutes before we finally got things taken care of. As soon as she was dressed again she was fine.

Until we got back to the examination room. There she had to get stripped down again to get weighed and examined. And as soon as the first shoe came off – the waterworks started. It was 15 minutes of torture for me – and I can't imagine what it was like for her. But based on her screams it was somewhere in between being burned alive and being mauled by a large tiger with dull teeth.

But again – as soon as the clothes were back on everything was fine. She jabbered all the way home.

Exam-wise all is good. She's finally hit 20 pounds - which puts her in the 15-25th percentile in weight for her age. So she's going to be a tiny kid. I wonder where she gets that from?


maggie said...

That's gotta be Rae's side of the family. They make 'em tiny there.

maggie said...

That's gotta be Rae's side of the family. They make 'em tiny there.

eiggam said...

I did not do that, I swear.

Cindy said...

Oh, that sound of fear is horrible. I remember just wanting to grab my kids and run. The percentage thing is deceptive, she'll just as likely be in the WNBA.

Grandpa Charlie said...

Do Not Despair..
Uncle James was in the bottom 1 percentile when he entered kindergarten.
A friend of mine was short all the way through high school and turned out to be 6 feet tall.

vized06 said...

There's no despair involved ... I happen to know a very close relative of hers who was barely 100 pounds for most of high school ...

Anonymous said...

Comparing Kaylee to Uncle James isn't likely to make anyone feel better. Just an observation.