Friday, March 07, 2008

It's all about the shoes.

So remember I mentioned that Kaylee loves her shoes? And my shoes? And Rae's shoes? Well, she got a pair of little wooden shoes for Christmas from her Aunt Becky (no, that's Ant Becky – this is Auwnt Becky). She loves to play with them – bang them together – but she's never tried to put them on.

Until tonight.

She took them off the chest – like any other night – but instead of playing with them, she decided to sit down and try to put them on. So being the helpful father that I am (quiet you – yes you – you know exactly whom I am addressing) I proceeded to cram her size fours into what might be a three and a half.

Keep in mind that not only are these things too small, they are hard to walk in – AND MADE OF WOOD. (Even at this young age, she knows that the most fun shoes aren't always the most comfortable.) But she had a great time running around the house – making all kinds of noise on the hardwood floors. As a matter of fact – she was rather PO'd at me when I finally took them off of her.

I have a feeling that she inherited her mother's first love.


maggie said...

I do believe you are correct, Mr. Rice.

And I seem to recall overhearing the following monologue from your Mrs. Rice:

"I take the, silver strappy sandals, to be my wedded shoes. And thee, black patent leather ankle straps. And thee, red velvet stilettos ..."

LTodd said...


LTodd said...

Also might not be appropriate for the child. They do drop a couple F-bombs.

vized06 said...

Eh - Kaylee can handle an F-bomb or two. It's the rest of the family I worry about. ;-)