Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dress up

It started with a random request for earrings. (I'm not really sure where that came from – Rae doesn't wear them that often.) From there we got a request for a belt ... and before you knew it, Kaylee was embarking on her first official game of dress up. (You should have seen Rae's face when she realized this. I'm pretty sure this was more fun for her than it was for Kaylee.)

We got up to clip-on earrings, a canvas belt and two different pairs of shoes before Kaylee decided it was more fun to play in the closet. (Please ignore how filthy the mirror doors are.)

But in the closet she found dad's "black duck" shirt and had to try it on. Then she got REALLY excited by the home jersey (the "big black duck" shirt) – but slammed her finger in the closet door before she got around to trying it on.


maggie said...

OMGOMGOMG, that's not the jersey, is it? No, that was the Away one, right?

Wow, your girls are gorgeous.

Allow me to recommend the stick-on earring thingies - curiously sticker-like, so I don't want to be around them, but are far less painful than the clip-on or magnetic earring options. And next time, maybe cinch the jersey with a belt?


monkeyhouse said...

This is both the away jersey and THE jersey. This is also probably the first time it's been worn in a couple of years. Not a lot of call for hockey jerseys in the desert.

I would have cinched it - but she's already wearing the belt underneath. Do not question the methods of the toddler.