Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crazy day

It's CRAZY hair day at school. So we just did pretty much what we do
every morning.

At least it's out of her eyes.


maggie said...

What a coincidence - that's exactly how I styled my hair this morning!

Charlie and Cindy said...

What's almost as big a conincidence is that Grandma has her shirt on backwards because it is backwards day at our school!

Isn't that amazing? What kind of crazy things are you doing where you work?


eiggam said...

I'm WORKING! And trust me, that is crazy.

Rae said...

Friday is when the craziness ensues at my place of business: halloween salad bar potluck (I'm bringing a bag of spinach, some cheese, and 3 pears), a costume contest, and a virtual pumpkin carving contest (http://www.cubpack81.com/images/carve_pumpkin.swf). Yippee!

niftysunburn said...

whoa rae.... let us not get TOO crazy now