Tuesday, February 10, 2009

From the road

If you've been wondering what the he'll is going on with the Twitter feed, I've been on my annual trip to lovely Syracuse, NY. (I'm currently stuck on the runway in a plane with electrical woes.)

As part of the trip I spent a lot of time with the SU journalism students and I've determined a few things. 1) I'm old. 2) I'm not ready for Kaylee to grow up. 3) I don't want her to go away to school. And 4) If she does go away to school, I hope she never tells me stories like these students told me. They were no worse than what I did in college, but that's not the point.

Do as I say, not as I did.

The big news is that apparently, as of today Kaylee has been moved up to the next room at daycare. So I'm sure that means more of an emphasis on ABCs, 123s and a touch of potty training.

That may put her one step closer to frat parties, boy troubles and credit card debt - but at least she'll be wearing big girl panties.

And if I can keep her in Disney Princess Pull-Ups, maybe that will keep the boy troubles to a minimum.

1 comment:

maggie said...

I love you. And frankly, I'm not ready for Kaylee to head into that mayhem, either, and I caused my share of it.

The college stuff, not the potty training.

Hope you get home soon. On the upside, at least it's not the weather. Electricity is much easier to fix.