Friday, February 13, 2009

I am going insane.


That one word. That one syllable, is going to be my downfall.

Sometime between me leaving for Syracuse and my return, Kaylee has picked up a nasty little habit. She answers every question with "Huh?" I'm not pointing any fingers, but a certain someone was here during that time. I won't even name her (it rhymes with Schmaggie) because I can't prove that she was responsible. 

But if she knew how much it would bug me, I wouldn't put it past her to mastermind this whole thing.*

Do you want to watch Sesame Street?

Do you want macaroni and cheese for dinner?

Why are you sticking that in your ear?

Why are you wearing your socks on your hands?

Do you want to talk to Grandpa Charlie?

Are you trying to drive Daddy insane?

Do you want to go back inside the box?

She huhs me. She huhs her mother. She huhs her teachers. She huhs the damn dogs. It's gotten so bad, I've actually caught her huh-ing herself as she plays. She'll ask herself or her dolls a question and reply with her new favorite word.

I'd pray to be delivered through this, but I'm afraid the one time I got a direct answer from on high it wouldn't be a burning bush, it wouldn't be a chorus of angelic voices - it would be one, little, annoying word.

* Though that would take a certain amount of evil planning I don't know that she is capable of. She's not DIRECTLY related to me after all.


Shmaggie said...

Oh lordy, Mike, I love the way you write.

She was hip to the huh before I got off the plane, so alas, I cannot take the credit or blame for this. There's a little part of me that wishes I could, but sadly we both know it's not true.

Dammit all.

Charlie and Cindy said...

Funny, Grandma Cindy didn't hear that one time while talking to her this morning. Could it be if given a tootsie roll pop she capitulates? And Michael, google Bloom's Taxonomy so you can keep up, will ya?

Grandpa Charlie said...

That's... "will yah, huh???"

Anonymous said...

Wait until she starts saying whatever to everything you say, that will really get on your last nerve

Becky said...

Ugh, I feel your pain.