Sunday, September 06, 2009

Bubble wrapped

Yes - it's cute. But I haven't had my coffee yet.


Angel said...

I get tons of this stuff at work, and I never realized that I could bring it home as a toy for the little person. Still saying no to the ounces and ounces of styrofoam peanuts, though. Thanks for the tip!

Charlie and Cindy said...

Was that a flash or lightening?

mike rice said...

Actually, it's a lamp we have in the corner. The wiring is a little old and it pops every now and then.

We try to keep anything combustible away from it - but you know how it is living in a house full of animals. Fur and dust EVERYWHERE.

We're lucky the whole place hasn't lit up like a Christmas tree!

That or Rae was taking pictures with a flash while I was shooting video. Could be either.

Anonymous said...

Haven't met a kid yet that doesn't like "Pops", as Grammy calls them. Buy the kid a really cool high dollar toy and they have more fun with the packing materials and the box...go figure???