Thursday, January 20, 2011

Growing up

Watching her get ready for school this morning, I laughed to myself as she strained to look in the mirror to wipe the toothpaste from her chin. So grown up, yet so far to go.
Then I realized it wasn't too long ago that she couldn't see her face in the mirror.
Then I realized it wouldn't be long before she didn't need the step stool to see what she was doing.
Then I asked her to check her face again so I could save the moment.


Papa Allen said...

Thanks for sharing, good son-n-law

maggie said...

Saving moments. Isn't that what we do, as moms and dads and aunties and uncles and nanas and pop-pops? Saving moments, whether in writing or a photograph or a clear and clever memory ... it's what we do. It's what you've done marvelously over the years, right here, and I am so grateful for it.

Dr. Cindy S. C. Rice said...

You made me cry, asshole!

mike rice said...

LANGUAGE! Or else I'll send you to the principal's office.