Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Tonight's tale

For whatever reason, the kid decided to tell her nightly "Princess Kaylee" story tonight. It is presented here, for your reading pleasure, in paraphrased form:

Once Upon A Time in a land far, far away, there was a smart, brave princess named Princess Kaylee. And she lived in a castle with her Mommy the Queen and her Daddy the King.
Princess Kaylee used her magic to shrink down and go inside her New York snow globe. While inside, she went around New York with her Daddy's friend Andreas. After they had seen all of the city, Princess Kaylee used her magic to grow big again.
But she forgot to get out of the snow globe first and it broke into pieces.
Princess Kaylee tried to fix it with her gentle hands, but that didn't work.
So Princess Kaylee tried to fix it with glue, but that didn't work.
And then her Mommy and Daddy fixed it with nails and a hammer.

The End


Andreas said...

Kaylee clearly has good taste in travel companions. :-)

[I won't ever fit into a snow globe, though.]

Sir Allen(Royal Knight of Kays' Kingdom) said...

Just let me know when she's ready to start slaying dragons, I would be honored to assist.