Saturday, March 12, 2011

Surrounded by LARPers

Renaissance Festival tickets for the adults. $80
Full tank of gas. Too much to think about
Five bottles of water. $10
Chicken on a stick. $4
Mermaid arm painting. $15
Braided hair. $13
Wooden sword & shield. $22
Frozen ball of orange stuff. $2
Llama ride. $4
Camel ride. $4 (plus $4 for mom)
Elephant ride. $5
Ride in a giant wooden swan. $6
One good photo if two girls at the one moment they weren't fighting over the parasol? Priceless.


maggie said...

Huzzah! Sounds like a fun day. Now please send me a photo of the llama ride.

Dr. Cindy S. C. Rice said...

Two four year olds dither over the parasol? Never!