Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bandwidth explosion!

Nothing really important to share. Rae and I finally bought the kid a bed – AND put it together all by ourselves. How's that for love? We didn't pay a professional to do it or anything.

Now I just hope it doesn't collapse.

A step by step photo-documentary follows:*

I returned from Orlando to find THIS in the baby's room. What could it be? An hour of fun – that's what. Rae is either excited – or she's going to eat the dog. Eddie's not sure which.

Well, with the box out of the way this doesn't look too bad. Five pieces and some hardware. This should take about ten minutes.

Rae gets started attaching the hardware to the mattress spring. Because the bolts are so large and akward, this takes about twenty minutes by itself.

Then, after I move on to the next step and read the directions, we determine Rae has selected the wrong bolts. So we start over. Hasn't she learned anything by watching me? ALWAYS READ THE DIRECTIONS.

Meanwhile, the dog and I have been done with the bedframe for quite a while. In fact, we almost fell asleep waiting for Rae to redo her part of the project. (Now I know what you're thinking. How much help was Porthos, really? Well – at least he didn't choose the wrong hardware.)

As punishment for messing up her part and making us wait, Rae is given the additional task of contorting her body to attach the springs to the frame. Mike and the dogs point and laugh. (You're going to have to work with me here. Pretend dogs can point.)

Rae is unable to finish this task due to the fact that her belly looks like she really DID eat the dog. (Don't worry – we have a spare.) Luckily a very handsome man with a wonderfully high metabolism was around to finish the job.

Either Rae is happy with the final results – or she is thrilled about having pictures of herself wearing her pajamas posted all over the internet.

And yes – we know we have to put in a mattress.

(Mental note, buy mattress.)

* Some details may have been embellished or made up entirely. It's a blog, not a reputable news source.


becky said...

i see how you are...sit back and let your pregnant wife do most of the work. :) it's a very pretty crib, one of the nicer convertable ones i've seen.

auntie mag said...

I am happy to report that after my trip to Tucson last weekend, Kaylee DOES have a mattress. I'm sure Rae reminded Mike to buy it. That house runs solely because she lives in it.