Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Grandpa Charlie wants a photo

While I was gone on a business trip, Dad called up Rae and asked her to tell me to post a nice picture of Kaylee "looking pretty" on the blog. Not a "booger inspection" photo.

Apparently, my sister has been posting some very cute photos of my niece on her blog. Dad would like me to do the same.

Well tough.

You see, around here we don't do "pretty." Kaylee is already too cute. If I prettied her up and posted a photo – your brains wouldn't be able to take it. Your eyes would explode and your face would melt. And Kaylee doesn't like blind, melty-faced people.

So as a public service to you, we only bring you booger photos. And messy face photos. And trucks. Trucks with Spider-Man front and center.

But we also throw in monkey pajamas and little teapots … here at The Monkey House, we're willing to meet you half way.

Kaylee today: Mother-truckin'


LTodd said...

Damn it! My eye just exploded. Cuteness can't be elimated.

maggie said...

Bring on the scary photos! I love them!