Sunday, February 24, 2008

More zoo

The weather has officially warmed up (not that it ever seems really cold here) and everyone is relatively healthy, so we celebrated with another trip to the zoo. (For the amount of time we spend there, we really need to just get a membership.) Turned out to be a pretty good trip since Kaylee is at the age where she can finally enjoy it and run around a bit.
Yes, polar bears in the desert. The pair were very active this afternoon and Kaylee watched them for about 15 minutes. She kept trying to call them like she does the cats at home.

Birds were the big hit though. Lots of pointing and screeching.
That's Kaylee* – not the birds.

We had a hard time getting her away from the flamingos – she kept trying to figure out how to get out to them. If there hadn't been a fence, I think we would have had a wet toddler** on our hands.

We arrived at the giraffe enclosure just in time for feeding.
Unfortunately, Rae couldn't quite figure out the zoom.

For some reason, Kaylee wasn't really fond of the giraffe's two-foot long, purple tongue. The poor kid practically crawled on to my back trying to get away from it.

By the time we reached the otters, she was fading fast. Not even two cute, swimming cat-rat-things could keep her head off the railing.

It took all of thirty seconds for her to pass out on the drive home.

Kaylee today: iwantiwantiwantiwant

* Also note the cute hair. Kaylee finally has enough that she can sport TWO pigtails instead of just the one Ed Grimley spike. And Rae got her sassy new do yesterday – after more than a year away from the salon. Being seen in public with these two does wonders for your self-esteem.
** Funny, unrelated story. As we were sitting down to eat lunch, we watched a family walk in to the zoo. Within seconds – their little girl fell into a puddle, was covered in mud and was screaming bloody murder. The family promptly left. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Of course now that I've made fun of them, something similar will happen to us and I will be forced to find the humor in it. Luckily, Rae plans on bringing the kid a change of clothes until she's at least fifteen. I'm sure THAT will cost a bundle in therapy bills though ... I just can't win.


Erika said...

The girl's got taste. Who doesn't love flamingos?

maggie said...


First of all, the hair! Rae, you look beautiful! I want more cute 'do pictures, please.

Second, I'm totally with Erika - it's all about the flamingos! Next time, please take a picture of Kaylee standing outside their area on one foot with the other leg bent flamingo-style. THAT's an Aunt Maggie picture, don't you think?

And finally, LOVE these pictures! Thanks for a happy report from the zoo!

Mem said...

could the little girl and the puddle at the zoo be the same as the girl and the puddle in this blog...

papa al said...

DUUUUDE, you are such a lucky man! How cool it must be, just hangin' with two of the most beautiful women in Tucson...