Friday, February 29, 2008

Updates of sorts

Tooths: She's officially sporting four teeth these days. Two on top and two on the bottom. She looks like a little beaver. And the way she's been chewing on things – Rae thinks there are more on the way. She's also showing a bit of the "Rice Gap" between her two top teeth ... we'll see if that's something she outgrows or not.

Words: "Dadee" and "Mum" have been staples for a while now, but she's starting to really use other words now. (Not just fluky wordish sounding things like in the past.) She likes to throw the "bawbaw" and play catch with "Ahday" and Porkchop. She loves to chase the "keekees" and freaks out whenever she sees a "pawpee" on TV. Her "uh uh uhs" are slowly becoming "me me mes" when she sees something she wants. Oh – and she's started putting her finger to her mouth and shushing us when we're too loud. Way too cute.

Shoes: The kid is obsessed with her shoes. She likes to carry them. She bends over to stare at them on her feet. When she is "me me me-ing" at her shelves it's often because she wants her slippers – not one of the many toys. She'll sit for hours (OK - minutes. But that's hours in toddler time.) trying to put shoes on her feet. And then there's our shoes. She wears them. Carries them around the house. Brings them to us. Puts them away for us. I swear we've got a little Imelda Marcos on our hands.

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maggie said...

Like mother like daughter. Remember Travis' wedding? When Rae told me what she was wearing, she started with the shoes. If memory serves, they were silver.

Sounds to me like Kaylee takes after Mom.