Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's been a week ...

... since last we updated. A quick recap.
  • Kaylee didn't sleep well with Rae gone.
  • Rae missed Kaylee and called all the time.
  • Rae came back and Kaylee slept just fine.
  • Mike got his wireless network up – so he's now playing Grand Theft Auto online.
  • Rae rolled her eyes.
  • Mike won a major award – and got a pot instead of a leg lamp.
  • It was Mother's Day and Rae got a hummingbird feeder for birdwatching with Kaylee.
And that's about it. Exciting lives, no?

And my sister finally updated her blog with some nice pictures of the kid. (And her kid too.)


Anonymous said...

Ok, we have chalk and driveways in Illinois too and would love to share the hugs and laughter, but....

You thought you would slip the major award into the list without it being caught? Care to elucidate?


grammy said...

hello--major award??? we want details!!!