Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Ahm tyhred."

That's how Kaylee greeted us this morning.

Hmmm. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she fought taking a nap yesterday for an hour and a half. (And ended up sleeping for about 20 minutes.) Or it could be that she fought going to bed last nite for about an hour. (And asked for about 20 drinks of water.) Or it could be that she got out of bed several times during the night and had to be chased back to bed.

I know that's why I'M tired.

Tonight is shaping up to be better. So far she's only gotten out of bed because she pooped her diaper. *

I guess that's a valid excuse.

*UPDATE: We have one post-bedtime appearance already. Sigh.


Candy said...

Do you know the Frances stories? My favorite was... Bedtime for Frances. She makes up every excuse in the book to not go to bed. It's great!
Will get better. Preston sleeps all night now.

maggie said...

Two words: Tranquilizer Dart.

monkeyhouse said...

Thirteen words: I know a child who is never going to visit a certain aunt ...

Rae said...

I'm wondering if we read Bedtime for Frances if it will help her go to sleep better or just give her more ideas :)
Thanks for the book recommendation.