Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

It only lasted two hours (give or take) but it took weeks of planning (and procrastinating) and ended with Rae crashed out on the floor and me with a migraine. But food and toys were strewn about the house and Kaylee was sound asleep, worn out from hours of running and screaming in excitement.

I think her birthday party was a success.

We opted for a dinosaur theme (one of the many non-girly things my awesome kid enjoys) and here's my attempt at free-handing a icingasaurus. Not the easiest medium to work in. Kaylee thought her "alligator cake" was pretty cool - but only took a couple of bites. She opted instead to destroy it with her fork and "Monkey George" birthday candle. It was like a L'il King Kong vs L'il Godzilla.

This time, King Kong won.

"What do you mean I'm in trouble for liking the store-bought cupcakes better? I've only eaten four of them."

We were smart about one thing –
our party favors made NO noise.

It's next to impossible to wrangle 18 guests AND be far enough away from the action to get a shot of everyone (which you know isn't going to happen if you've ever been in my tiny house) so you'll just have to settle for a photo of four of the five people under the age of 20 who attended.

Just for Maggie, we had stickers.
And we're saving a strip of them for your February visit.


maggie said...

Love the pictures, love you guys.

Hate the stickers.

Becky said...

wish we could have been there! Miss you guys and happy bday again little one!