Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emergency rescue

I have a feeling that bath time is about to get a little crazy.

The kid has never really had a problem taking a bath before. She's wild about it actually. (As long as she's playing in the water and not getting clean that is.)

Well, tonight she was particularly dirty. Chunks of food in the hair dirty. And when you wash a chunky-food-haired-kid, the water tends to get a little gross. As in bits of food floating around in the bath water.

Well, Kaylee noticed the chunks. And they floated around. And seemed to move. And dance all around her. And they freaked her out.


Not quite sure what I was hearing, I replied "It's a monster?" thinking that's what she said.

But it's not what she said.

But she got the answer to her question. They were monsters. Monsters in her bath water. And they were all around her. And they were going to get her.

And she screamed.

And she cried.

And she practically flew out of the tub.

I don't think Rae is going to let me be in charge of bath time anymore. If the kid ever takes another bath, that is.


Dad said...

Good job, kid... really good job. You scared the crap out of my MFGDITA. You're gunna pay for this...

maggie said...

OHMYGOD. I'm alone, in my cubicle, cracking up. People are staring.

P.Allen + G.Janetta said...

I wonder what type of monsters are created from Thanksgiving dinner? HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE !!!

Anonymous said...

According to this blog, one of the turkeys will be seated at the table.

Anonymous said...

Ah, brilliance at its best. I look forward to similar blunders when James is old enough to care. :-) - Elizabeth