Saturday, March 21, 2009

Christmas, late

So Uncle James lives in India. The crazy guy thought it would be a lot of fun if packed up his few wordly belongings, flew to the other side of the world and taught chemistry. Since he lives in an area that is only accessible by llama (I might be exaggerating a little bit) we don't hold it against him when it takes him an extra three months to get his niece her present.

Kaylee's Christmas present finally arrived yesterday – in a box that has more mileage than Pamela Anderson. This box has traveled from Illinois to India (to Hong Kong?) to Illinois and finally to Arizona. It smelled a little funny, was a little damp and looked like Ike Turner had worked it over. (Yes, I'm aware that I made two bad pop culture references in the same paragraph. I couldn't decide between the two of them – so you get both.)

Kaylee didn't care. She just wanted to open it.
This is her new "cheeeeese" face.

Gift #1: An awesome hand-made tiger. Uncle James has this really cool tradition of making stuffed animals for his nieces. So far Kaylee has a dolphin/shark thing made from a sock, a very cool Larry the Christmas Lobster and now this guy. "Is very special. Uncle James make me for her."

Gift #2: But as cool as the tiger is – Kaylee was more impressed by the cheap knock-off action figures that Uncle James sent. Included are: Almost Batman, Not Quite Spider-Man and Not Recognizable as any one Important Lad. I'm just thankful she is past the "everything goes in my mouth" phase – because who knows what vile toxins these things are made from.


niftysunburn said...

Just for the record... That box sat in Jacksonville for a long time. Blame dad.

And what? No love for the Hindustani comics I sent? Jackass.

monkeyhouse said...

I assumed those were for me ... and since this mainly a blog for Kaylee ... motard.

maggie said...

I just love how nice you boys are to each other. It just does my heart good to bask in your familial love.

monkeyhouse said...

Shut up, stupidhead.