Thursday, March 05, 2009

Potty time

Frustration, thy name is Potty Training.

The kid uses the potty ALL the time at school. Several times a day. The teachers RAVE about how well she's doing.

But when she gets home, she screams and cries if you get her anywhere near the bathroom. "I no need potty! I go next time!"

And then she immediately pees her pants.

What really gets me is that she WAS using the bathroom at home on a regular basis. It's only very recently that it has become a huge problem.

We're trying not to force her - as we don't want to raise a serial killer ("I can stab!") - but this is killing me. Maybe if I only force her a little bit she'll stop with killing small animals.

Hmmmmm. That could solve some if my other urine-related problems. (I'm looking at you, cat.)


Charlie and Cindy said...

It will happen, it is a very interesting process.

maggie said...

Now I have that bad Eddie Murphy song in my head ...

"My girl wants to
potty all the time
potty all the time
potty all the time ..."

Thanks for a bad 80s earworm, babe.

monkeyhouse said...

You say that like it's MY fault. Sure, one could argue that it is a short jump to go from toilet humor to Eddie Murphy's career, but if that were the case you could have made a Nutty Professor joke instead. But no, you went for a bad joke about the man's music. And that makes me think one thing.

You probably LIKED that song. Hell, I bet you OWNED the album.