Thursday, March 26, 2009

Morning person

I'm not sure when it happened, but Kaylee has stopped being a morning person.

Just a month ago we woke up every morning to the pitter-patter of excited feet running to our room and were greeted with a smiling, giggling belly flop into bed.

Now, we hear grumping in her room, followed by crying and whining until she has woken up. "I no want breakfast. I no want change my diaper. I no want get dressed." This can go on for a few minutes – or up to an hour.

I'm wondering how soon I can start giving her coffee. That seems to work for her parents.


maggie said...

You mean you haven't started her on coffee yet? Yikes, I figured she would go from the bottle to the commuter mug!

Sloth Love Chunk said...

somehow rebecca's genes got into the mix there I think. O.o

Becky said...

I think Cindy can confirm you're WAY worse in the morning than I am.

Although I will admit, it's definitely a Rice thing.