Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Dork Side is strong with this one.

I didn't get to go to SDCC this year. Heck, I've only been once - but what a sight. It's like Disneyworld for dorks. So it should be no surprise that I want to return - especially since it's within driving distance. (Too bad the insane hotel prices put it out of reach for the time being.)
But I don't bring it up because I want to whine. (If I were going to do that, it would be about the two Wilco and one Jeff Tweedy show I can't go to in Chicago. Boo!) I bring it up because I found this awesome photo on design-God Chip Kidd's website:
And I want it to be me.
I know that's wrong (and possible considered child abuse) but that is just so awesome.
Darth Dad and Darth Daughter, whoever you really are, don't let the man (or Child Protective Services) get you down.


maggie said...


I thought that was you.

Magaly Guerrero said...

This is sweet. I love when parents do these kind of things with their kids. In NY ComicCon this year, a dad a his daughter were dressed as Batman and She-Robin... I know what you're thinking, I gave it a thought, too lol.

Then I remember that my dad--who was a cowboy--used to dress me as a cowgirl when I was very young, and I felt like the queen of the world, under a ginormous hat and in red leather boots.

I've been lucky to have found an amazing dork to share my life with, and although we don't dress up for the Cons, we are always planning the perfect costume. It's kind of fun actually...