Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thank you Disney

Right before vacation we were on one of our many Target excursions and we happened upon the little girls' underwear aisle. (A new place for me for those of you who may be wondering.) Here Kaylee spotted the article of clothing that would change her life.

Little. Mermaid. Panties.

We didn't buy them then - but we did promise her that if she started using the potty all the time, we would soon.

Now, I've seen a lot of people get excited about a lot of things, but I have never seen anyone get as excited about anything as she did about the thought of wearing a cartoon character on her butt. This even includes my wife when I proposed to her - she just looked dumb-struck. (Maggie can keep any and all comments about being surprised about anyone being excited to marry me to herself.)

Fast-forward to vacation and Kaylee is not only using the potty, but she's even staying dry overnight. Thirty-six hours a pop and the whole time she keeps reminding us about her need for Little Mermaid panties. (It really is adorable when she says it.) I feel a bit stupid for buying extra Pull-Ups while we were there, because she hardly used any of them.

So now we're home - and since I'm a Dad of my word, my little girl is wearing big girl underpants. We've had a few accidents (the most notable being the wee wee on the Wii I mentioned earlier) but dry for the most part. It's like a switch went off and it was just time to do it.

If there is any trick to this, I think it is to find what your kid loves the most - and promise them underpants with that printed on it. Or if I let Kaylee explain it (in another quote from daycare):


maggie said...

Remaining silent on the subject of your proposal, mostly because the outcome freaking rocks.

Love, love, LOVE the magic of The Little Mermaid. It just tickles me. Congrats, that's a big hurdle and it looks like the three of you cleared it, bigtime!

Papa Allen said...

I love her logic...LOL