Sunday, June 13, 2010

History lesson

Daddy, the dinosaurs all died because the King of the Dinosaurs killed them.
They did?
The King of the Dinosaurs?
Who's that?
The King of the Dinosaurs is the T-Rex.
And he killed all the dinosaurs?
Where did you learn that?
At my school.
Honey, I'm pretty sure the dinosaurs were killed by a drastic climate shift caused by a meteor crashing into the earth.
That's right. The meat-eater is a carnivore. And that means sharp tooth, like T-Rex. And he's the King of the Dinosaurs. And he killed them.
Oh. OK.


maggie said...

There's a little part of me that wants to take her to Toronto to see if we can find the Toronto Saurus Rex.

Papa Allen said...

Sounds like she's training you to carry on the work of Art Linkletter. R.I.P. Art. Keep up the good work Kaylee.