Sunday, June 06, 2010

One week ago, I was on a beach

As I sit and write this, the thermometer is slowly creeping toward 100 degrees. The air is dry and still – the only movement from the ceiling fan buzzing above me.
A far cry from our trip to Southern California last week.
We knew we had a four-day weekend coming up. That's not quite long enough for a trip home, but we didn't want to sit around Tucson either. Luckily, the Marine Corps was kind enough to station Uncle Ry just outside San Diego and give him the long, holiday weekend off.
So we packed up the car and drove west.
There was lots of good times, good people, good food, a trip to the zoo (click here for Kaylee's POV), but most importantly – this was Kaylee's first trip to the ocean. I'm pretty sure she liked it.
And I'm pretty sure we'll be going back soon.
Kaylee and her Uncle Ry. They're like chocolate and peanut butter – two great tastes that go great together. Only I don't recommend eating them – they probably taste like people, not candy.
One of these two people failed to put sunscreen on their feet and was pretty miserable for the rest of the week. The other one just got a little brown.
The two of us dug a Kaylee-sized hole – but she was smart enough not to get in. So we dug a larger hole and buried Mom instead.
Even though Uncle Ry's E-Tool was almost as big as she is, I believe we found the perfect beach toy.
At first, Kaylee wasn't interested in the water. I think it was just too big and too cold. But then the tide started to roll in and she couldn't resist playing in the big waves. Or at least running away from them.

A game which Uncle Ry was more than happy to get in on.
This is one of my favorite shots from the weekend. If you listen closely, you can hear her giggle.


maggie said...

I totally agree with your favorite shot. You captured a perfect moment. (And if I hold the monitor up to my ear, I can hear the ocean and the giggle.

Papa Allen said...

Sure wish we could have been there...looks like fun was had by all. Brings back a lot of memories too.