Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A rough day

It could have been worse.
After a mad-dash-morning getting everything ready (that we thought we had done already – but apparently not because we barely left the house on time), Rae and I dropped the kid off at New School today. There was a little hesitation on Kaylee's part jumping into things – a lot of hiding behind Dad's legs and feigning shyness – but once the teachers started engaging with her she was fine.
She even picked her own name tag out (and called them out for not drawing the "y" correctly) from the pre-written sheets. Gotta say, that makes a Dad proud.
By the time Rae returned an hour later with a brand new towel (yes, they started swim lessons today and we had to make a Target run because we forgot to bring a towel – geeks may now commence with the Douglas Adams jokes) Kaylee was fully into circle time and was more perplexed than relieved at Mom's reappearance. (Mom, what are YOU doing here?)
We didn't get any emergency phone calls – so she stayed all day. Upon pickup we learned that:
  • We need to pack a bigger lunch. She ate all of hers and wanted more, more, more.
  • She, in no uncertain terms, did NOT like the cold water in the pool and really did not like water in her eyes.
  • She told her teacher she wasn't going to nap – and proceeded to pass out minutes later.
  • She really wants a blanket to snuggle with. (That, I can fix tomorrow.)
  • She got along with everyone fine and seemed to enjoy her day.
After further reflection, Kaylee now tells us:
  • She didn't like her new school because it is different and wants to go back to her old school.
  • She didn't like any of the kids or teachers.
  • She REALLY didn't like getting water in her eyes.
  • Also, she wants to go back to her old school. (Added again for emphasis.)
So I know the move is for the best, and I know she's just being dramatic – but when you add into all of this that I got called into work and wasn't there to pick her up today like I promised, I just feel like #1 Deadbeat Dad.
Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow we'll bring a blanket and a bigger lunch.
Tomorrow will be better.


Charlie and Cindy said...

Will she be able to skip school when Grandpa and Grandma come?

maggie said...

I love the way you guys parent.

I love your empathy, your confidence (even when it's faux) and your intense love - for each other, and your little girl.

I love that you have moments when you feel like a deadbeat dad, but that we - everyone who knows you - know better.

And I love that I am lucky enough to be part of your lives. I am the luckiest sister/aunt ever, and even luckier to call you my friends.

niftysunburn said...


Papa Allen said...

Thank God for tomorrows...reminds me of my 1st day in kindergarten.