Wednesday, December 29, 2010

May the Forks be with you, part II

Highlights from the kid's first full viewing of Star Wars: Episode V

"Daddy. Is Darth Vader mean in this one still?"
"The words are leading up into the sky. That's cool."
"It's a snow monster! Like on Rudolph!"
Giggles. "That's silly. He cut his arm off with his dad's lightsaber."
"I saw a man with a Darth Vader hat. That means he's on Darth Vader's team."
"He put a rope around his legs and made him fall down! He got one!"
"I saw a baby one! (AT-ST)"
X-Wing crashing into Dagobah. "That's what our airplane sound like!"
First glimpse of Vader's bare head. "Why can you see his brains?"
"What do you think, is Yoda a good guy or a bad guy?"
"He's a silly guy."
"He's doing exercises."
Does he want to be an acrobat?"
"No, he wants to be a Jedi. Like Yoda. And ride on people's backs."
"The ship is coming out! Yoda did it! But Daddy, it's so dirty."
"He's doing a handstand! I wish I could do a handstand."
"And make things float with your brain?"
"No. Just a handstand."
Watching Han get prepped for freezing. "Ow."
"Why did they make him frozen like ice? I don't like that."
"Why's he getting a robot hand?"

Final thoughts on ESB: "I like the other one better. It's not as scary."

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