Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's been a rough couple of nights

Not that you can tell from this photo, in which she looks like a little angel, but she's got some horns just under the hairline. (How cute is that photo by the way?)

For the past couple of nights she just hasn't wanted to sleep. She'll go down for about a half hour, but then is up and wailing. The only thing that seems to work is sleeping with her. And since she doesn't sleep in our bed – one of us ends up riding the couch. I don't think Rae and I have slept more than an hour together in the same bed all week.

Such are the sacrifices of parenthood.

That and clothes which smell of sour milk.

Oh, and nasty looking spots on all of your dry clean only items.

And I am sure there are more to come. :-)

Dad's visit is going well. I've got the next couple of days off now, so Rae doesn't have to entertain him 24-7. (Not that he takes a lot of entertaning ... he's got a granddaughter to do that.) We're going to tackle a few honey-do's around the house and hit a museum or two.

And not having to get up so early will make those nights a little easier too.


Auwntie Mags said...

Dear Kaylee,

Happy 11 months 'til Christmas! I love you!

becky said...

aww, she's so cute!

Berda said...

Hang in there it gets better and sometimes you still have rough nights. Just had one last night myself.