Saturday, January 13, 2007

A trip to the office

Rae brought Kaylee into the office for a visit yesterday. So for the rest of the day I heard things like "She's so cute" or "She's a little angel" but for the most part it was "Thank God she looks like her mother." But it got me thinking ...

Dear Baby Jesus (a Ricky Bobby reference – which if you haven't seen it, you should – if only for the antics of his children Walker and Texas Ranger), thank you for making my baby cute. With her cute big eyes, fat turkey legs and perfectly-shaped head. You see so many ugly babies out there and while I'm sure they grow up to be beautiful people; I'm very thankful Kaylee didn't have to start out her life looking like any of these guys:

And the camera is almost full (I've been a bit lazy in transferring new shots into iPhoto) I'll be posting cute baby pictures soon. I swear.
Oh – and these new flash-over ads on the site are just miserable. I'm about ready to just go and register my own site ...

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becky said...

"Oh – and these new flash-over ads on the site are just miserable."

i was just about to say that myself. stupid blogger.