Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm ...

Kaylee gets her two month checkup in the morning – and you know what that means. Big, scary needles in tiny, pudgy arms.

I'm not sure what all she's getting vaccinated against but I'm pretty sure it's just the regular measles, typhoid, SARS, ADD, anthrax, monkey pox and hippies. You know, the basics.

A friend of ours opted not to immunize her child – and her kid promptly caught a nasty case of the hippies. There were sandals and acoustic guitars everywhere. The baby's room reeked of wacky weed. With years of therapy, the child just might overcome her handicap. But she will probably always drive a Volkswagon.

Luckily, Kaylee will be spared any such fate. She's lucky to have such smart parents.


becky said...

hopefully she'll take it well, i know alice screamed like a banshee when the third shot went in, but she was fine in a minute or two. give kaylee some big hugs from her auntie! it's not as good as getting some ice cream, but it will have to do for now. ;)

auwntie mags said...

So tell it true that it hurts you more than it does the kid?