Saturday, May 12, 2007

Date night

Well, we were supposed to go to Phoenix tonight for a work thing, but our baby-sitter flaked out on us.* But, after I had given my tickets away, someone else** offered to take Kaylee for the night. So Rae and I jumped at the opportunity to have a child-less evening out. Dinner and a movie has never been so appreciated.

Spider-Man 3? Not so great.

The veal?*** (Yes, I am a heartless soul.) It was awesome.

Kaylee had a great time apparently. No grumping and she ate well. Rae was just happy that Kaylee seemed excited when we walked in. (Though, I think she looked even more excited when she saw the kitten.)

Kaylee today: Somewhere else

* Melissa – I KEED! I KEED!
** The awesome Penny, who apparently is a faithful reader of the blog.
*** Step 1 – You cut a hole in a box. Step 2 – You put your cow in the box. Step 3 – Make her eat the cow in the box. And that's how you do it.

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maggie said...

Glad you enjoyed your date! Sounds like a very Mike & Rae evening. Love you guys!