Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why's my milk so chunky?

So today we decided it was about time to attempt solid foods. Naturally, we decided to start with rice cereal. We mixed it up with some nice warm milk, runny at first and then we thickened it up a bit … (you know the drill, click photos to bigify)

Yeah, that didn't go so well. But after five months of nothing but sucking, you have to assume a spoon is going to be a little strange. Good thing we didn't go for the fork.

Kaylee today: Solid


Papa Allen said...

...and Eddy said, "What's up kid? You should try eatin' the s--- thet feed me..."

NOT YET PERFECT??? said...

ooops...thet ie... they, M&R, Mom & Dad, etc...who has time to PREVIEW anyway??? Deadlines, deadlines, people to do & things to see...gotta go now! LUV YA ALL