Sunday, May 06, 2007

See ya sis ...

Well, Becky and Matt and Alice hit the road this morning for the Grand Canyon. Before they left, they burned all of their photos from the week onto a DVD for me. I'll spare you the 18 shots of the same fountain at the botanical gardens, but here's some highlights:

Auntie Becky with the cutest baby in the house.
(I can get away with saying that, because technically there is currently only one baby in my house. Anyway – it's my blog. I'll dub my baby the cutest if I want to.)
Me with the girls. The cutest 30+ pounds of poo and vomit-spewing kids ever assembled. (Both of them did their fare share this week.)
My baby can roll over. Becky's can't. I win.
Kaylee was pretty much fascinated by Alice.
Alice just wanted her personal space back.
The two of them get along just about as well as Becky and I did.
Well, without the hair cutting and name calling.

Kaylee today: Lonely


auntie mags said...

So we don't even get one shot of the fountain at the botanic garden? Geez, thanks for holding out on us.

Love the pictures! I promise to get down for a visit this summer, if only so you can plaster my pic on the blog!

Biby Cletus said...

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Warm Regards

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becky said...

just for the record she can roll over...she just doesn't do it often (in fact today was the first day she's done in weeks).

miss you guys.

becky said...

btw...where's the video of kay laughing??