Saturday, May 26, 2007

Photo extravaganza!

Kaylee and Moxie.

We've moved on from peas. Now we're on to squash.
You can see how much Kaylee likes the idea.

Wait! She likes it!
Or she's just laughing at her Dad's goofy look.
Or maybe a little bit of both.

This solid food thing is much messier than the liquid diet.
(On both ends.)

Kaylee today: Urpish.


becky said...

glad you're getting good use of the food i left behind already. and i bet rae is glad she's not kay's only source of food anymore. :)

Grandpa said...

By all accounts, Kaylee should be the happiest of children... Dad seems to have a lot of goofy looks to go around.

Fogger said...

HA! "got rice?"