Saturday, September 01, 2007

Clink, clink, clink

So we took Kaylee over to our friends' house this evening for dinner (burgers and hot dogs) and a movie (Blades of Fury – I highly recommend it). Kaylee sat on my lap and happily munched away on bits of hamburger and bun.

Then she wanted a drink. So I offered her my glass of water.

"Clink, clink, clink ..."

After a moment of trying to think of what could possibly be causing the noise I stuck my finger in her mouth. And – being a baby, she did what babies do when something goes in their mouth – she bit me.

Only this time it hurt a little.

You see, the monkey has finally popped her first tooth. (In front, on the bottom.) After months of speculating that she was teething – and daycare speculating that she was teething – she gets her first incisor with nary a whimper. Though that could have been what the late-night grumping was about this week.

I was surprised by how sharp the little bugger is. I guess it did have to work it's way up through her gums. All I know is I'm thankful I'm not the one breast feeding.

Kaylee today: Toothy.

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